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In My Wood – these are innovative dough rollers where you will find sophisticated patterns for any occasion. Our models are not limited to single shapes; on a single roller you will find various patterns of a defined theme or even more than one.

We invite you to contact us at In My Wood if you are looking for a personalized dough roller. Our graphic artists will help you willingly as much as they can with your dream pattern.

In My Wood means precision and professionalism in every inch.

A roller made of beech wood, 25 cm long, its diameter is 6 cm, does not present any health hazards and can be used in contact with food. The pattern on the roller is the mirror image of the corresponding one. A purchased roller is sent over in a carton box, ideal for a present.

Rollers supplied by In My Wood are indispensable in a modern kitchen. Get any usual meal to turn to something unusual. They may be used to decorate cakes; our patterns are very well imprinted on marzipan. In-My- Wood rollers may also be used to play creatively with children utilizing salt mass.

Engraving and treated wood of the highest quality will serve you for a long time.
The roller after every use must be thoroughly washed up and brushed, dried and then apply a fine layer of kitchen oil in order to preserve its quality for a long time to come.

In-My- Wood rollers are ideal present for any occasion.

Butter biscuits

You need:
14 oz of wheat flour
4 oz of icing sugar
1 egg
2 spoons of cooking oil
2 spoons of butter or margarine
pinch of salt

Mix thoroughly all the ingredients, make a ball and cooll it in the fridge for 30min. Spread the dough by using a In-My- Wood roller. Then form different shapes. Insert it all into the previously heated oven at 180ºC and leave it for 10-12 min when the cookies have turned golden, take them out. Leave them to cool down. Using this recipe one gets on average 50 cookies.

You may add some cocoa powder or food colouring in order to obtain more sophisticated effect.

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